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You will find out a lot of information about Thailand in this blog. 

Hi, my name is Jack and I visited Thailand and wanted to share my experience through this blog. Hope it helps in answering your questions and if you have anything to ask or to add, please be free to contact me.

What to see in Thailand

There are a lot of places to see in Thailand that would be worthwile of your time, however it all depends on your time and budget. 

We will try to provide as much information as we can here and make your decision as easy as possible.

Best Islands to visit in Thailand

One of the biggest of attractions of kingdom of Siam. You will definitely include some of these islands on your to do list while in Thailand. 

Reading throught these reviews we hope it will make your decisions easier.

Best Beaches in Thailand

Thailand is famous for its exotic and attractive beaches. All over the country, you can find your spot under the palm tree. Check them out!

National Parks in Thailand

Just like beaches, Thailand is full of national parks, crawling with beautiful nature and wildlife. See which ones you prefer and put them on your to do list.

Major Cities in Thailand

Depending what you like, Thailand is filled with diverse cities, providing you with an experience of temples, pure tourism, the modern Bangkok or the local, unique syle.

Vaccines for Traveling to Thailand

Usually the most commonly used vaccines for travelling to Thailand are:

Hepatitis A and B





Check this out because it gets updated frequently.

Thailand Visa

For all of those who wish to travel to Thailand, have to inquire themselve about visa and the requirements for each country. Luckily, there are some services that relief you of this process and do it for you instead.

Thailand Climate

Due to its dry and rainy season, check out when would be the best time to travel to Thailand. You dont want to get in the middle of the rainy season where your holiday would turn to into a hotel isolation trip.

Flights to Thailand

Bangkok is one of the flight centers of Asia and you could get a pretty good deal on the flight ticket. Check which airlines provide you with the best deals.

Hotels in Thailand

Depending on your budget, your vacation could be one of the best experiences you ever had. 

Transportation in Thailand

Thailand offers you some of the most unusual transportation services you can find out there. See what options there are and choose according to your needs and preferred travel style.

Excursions and Guided Tours in Thailand

Sometimes it can get difficult to plan everything by yourself, or even take a lot of time to organize it. That’s why you can get it all, sit back and enjoy the trip.

Tips for traveling to Thailand

For someone first traveling to Thailand, and Asia itself, it can be quite a cultural shock when arriving there and communicating with locals. Get yourself ready in advance. 

Most Important Holidays and Vacations in Thailand

Thailand Festivals and Holidays are one of the unique cultural events you should try to experience.

SongkranThe whole country April
Flower Festival Chiang mai February
Vegetarian Festival PhuketOctober
Loi Krathong Chiang mai November

Thai Food and Gastronomy

For a newbie, thai  food is going to be a lifechanger.

PlateStreet Food PriceRestaurant Price at street level
Chicken rice dish40 bahts 100 baht
Varied dish with chicken, rice, salad and pasta60 baht 150 baht
Soda10 bahts 20 bahts
American breakfast 200 bahts
Fresh fish roasted on the barbecue 100 baht 200 bahts
Banana and chocolate pancake 40 bahts 60 baht
Natural smoothie 40 bahts 80 bahts

Language in Thailand

Its always nice to know a couple of words in local language. Makes a better impression and a sign of respect.

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

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